I usually don’t review things unless I am pissed off

I usually don’t review things unless I am pissed off.

Today I am going to give a thumbs up to two things:

1. Dark Sky - Hyperlocal weather app.
This is a weather app for Android and iOS that costs… I think it was five dollars. I only just got it today so I can’t tell you how well it actually works yet, but I can say that just usually interface and setting up some push notifications, I am very impressed. I hope it lives up to my expectations but only time will tell.

2. Ruby Receptionists
This is a telephone answering service and it’s not the first one I’ve used but it’s the first one that really makes me feel like my customers are getting a friendly experience and the receptionists actually work for ME.
I am very, very happy that I signed up for the service. It’s not the least expensive one on the market, in fact it’s probably one of the more expensive ones at close to $300 a month. But until I have that kind of money that I need to hire an actual human secretary in the house, this is the next best thing.
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