A puppet addresses BBC 4 and Cathy Neumann

If you've seen the interview of Jordan Peterson, this is funny and a bit different.


  • That guy is hilarious.
  • Slap said:

    That guy is hilarious.

    There is something stupid about it; like a Python or Boys in the Hall skit with men in dresses, or the cat carrier, a puppet as an authority figure is funny in a direct way that is tough to avoid.

    It's also more appropriate to the subject than taking Neumann or Morgan seriously.

  • His comedic timing is excellent.  The quiet moments just after he's said something, when the puppet just leans into the camera to stare at the viewer, are some of the funniest.  It reminds of some of the things people said about Andy Kaufman, and the importance of letting the audience just think about a situation or what's just been said.  Instead of the "wall of sound" dialog in some comedies, like Letterkenny.

    (A word of caution for vulgarity)

  • Agreed. Hilarious.

    Perfect timing. It is like Python or KITH with a bit of the two old guys from The Muppets thrown in.
  • & BTW, Susanna Reid is hot.

  • Just searched for images.  She has some obvious journalistic merit.
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