60 Minutes; Leslie Stahl and russian meddling

Mrs. Zuk had this on and I caught the last several minutes of it.  It's an interview of the Simonian woman who runs Russian Television.


It's like watching the neighbor's grandmother interview Stalin.  She was rhetorically pushed all over the ring by someone whose first language isn't english.  The part I enjoyed was:


[voice over]They air a steady diet of violent protests and racial conflict to
suggest the U.S. lacks the moral high ground to criticize Russia and is
collapsing from internal divisions.

Lesley Stahl: A lotta your pieces are about what's wrong with the United States."

I was left to wonder how much of that applies to CBS itself.


  • Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Teddy Kennedy.

    What did they all have in common, OTHER than trying to get themselves made President?
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