God bless small towns.

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Front page of the local paper, headline, as in above the crease...  
Cass Grocery burglarized Monday.
Cass Grocery was burglarized October 2, with the burglar stealing the surveillance camera from the store, along with $50 in change, a lighter, and a six-pack of Corona beer.
The officer then watched the surveillance footage, and just after midnight, the suspect pulled the camera down and removed it from the video fed. A few seconds later, the rear door came open and the suspect entered wearing a light-colored hoodie, light-colored pants, darks [sic] shoes, gloves and something covering his face.
The suspect was directly behind the counter and removed several items from the shelves, including a lunch box with approximately $50 in change that was tucked in the resister [sic] on a shelf.
Before leaving, the suspect stopped and removed the six-pack of beer from the cooler.


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