Anyone know who Gregory T. Bedell is? (was)

I'm doing his driveway next week.


  • Wiki tells me he was the third episcopal bishop of Ohio.  May God be with you.
  • You re-grading his grave?
  • I wonder how he would feel about the current state of the Episcopalian Church. 

    Is it a big house?
  • UGH! Don't get me started. You guys know I'm Episcopalian and have been basically disgusted with my church for years. And, I managed to land in the epicenter of a huge split between conservatives and more liberals. I've just never been able to split from the main church even though I'm conservative, as you all know. The Bishop that made the split here in Pittsburgh is a HUGE narcissist. He just wasn't the right guy to bet on. I hope to God this Bishop in Ohio is normal. We sure could use one in our messed up denomination.
  • Fucking Gene Robinson has destroyed our denomination, but Bishop Duncan was in it for himself. It all came down to a power play at Trinity Cathedral where we were members. Michael was actually on the "chapter" (like a vestry) that was barely able to block Bishop Duncan and his newly formed conservative faction from getting a hold of the property and so forth. It was a terrible time for us. We weren't able to stay at Trinity because it was such a war zone. Michael (and very rarely myself) now attend Calvary parish here in Pittsburgh. 
  • Here is an article that talks about it. Cathy Brall was running Trinity as Provost for 10 years. The new Bishop of Pittsburgh (a good guy) finally got rid of her because she just was spinning her wheels. Bishop brought in a Dean, but he's an asshat. 

    Bishop Duncan (former Bishop of Diocese of Pittsburgh until JUST before we moved here and started going to Trinity downtown) put Cathy Brall in at Trinity as he did with so many other parishes. He thought all these people would go with him when he split. However, Cathy kept the Cathedral open for both sides and the cathedral hosted events and worship services for both sides. 

    Bishop Price was brought in from Ohio and I will say he SAVED the cathedral and the diocese and kept it in the mainline denomination. And, that's what I wanted to see, again even though I'm very conservative myself. Had a private meeting with Bishop Price and he was very respectful and spoke the truth to me. 

    I also had some balls on me and when the lousy Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori came to Trinity for some reason or another and I had one shot at her when she was sitting in front of Michael and me during a talk in the sanctuary. I leaned forward and just asked her to save the diocese from Bishop Duncan. She's way too liberal too. We can't seem to get any balance in the denomination. Too conservative or too liberal. I just can't abandon my denomination, though. 
  • If I wasn't clear, both the house and the Bishop are 19th century artifacts.
  • MC Escher said:

    ... 19th century artifacts.

    Had to read that twice to be sure it wasn't about me.
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    Come on, Matt!

    I had a comment qued up & everything.

    If I wasn't clear, both the house and the Bishop are 19th century artifacts.
    Well at least he can't call & complain about your work.

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    Before I moved to Bratenahl, I was in the RC Bishop's place there after he died.  It was a stone house on 18 acres on the lake, and a RR Phantom IV was parked in front.  (No that wasn't a new car when I saw it, you bastards).  It wasn't a huge place,  but it was the sort of house that was made without a lot of concern for cost.

    It was demolished to make room for a couple dozen nice but manageable houses.
  • demolished?  Seems a shame, or am I missing something?
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    demolished?  Seems a shame, or am I missing something?

    So the land could be developed.  No one uses land on the lake like that any longer.

    This is the back/lakeside of Helen Moss' house.


    This is the street side.


    She put ten of these in her front yard.
  • nbody said:

    No one uses land on the lake like that any longer.

    Unless you're rich and can afford to not have neighbors on the lake.
  • Helen was very well off, but she was also mercenary.  She used to tell people that she supported her husband and he used to tell people he didn't have to sleep with her.
  • Very interesting.
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