Heather Nauert

I just watched her give a State Dept press briefing.  Despite being only a few years younger than me, she looks great.

She is giving well constructed answers in fluid fashion, and with a smile.  The pattern is that she explains the Dept. position with her newscaster smile, then lets her face get screwed up as the next stupid question is asked.

That's multi-level entertainment.


  • Indeed, I was going to say she could easily get a gig with Fox News, but google tells me she already check that box on her resume from 1998-2005
  • Man's Best Finally Pays Off

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    hubba hubba

    I recently paired down my Dish Network package & lost Fox News. She's nearly reason enough to bump it back up.

    Didn't know she was almost 70.
    That is impressive.
  • 2.FOH. said:

    Didn't know she was almost 70.

    It was the greatest fire and fury of burns this world has ever seen.

    Giant bastard bonus points.
  • <dancing trump>
  • nbody said:

    Man's Best Finally Pays Off


    Nice puppies.
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