Clinton calls for investments in places that 'cannot get cell coverage for miles'

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I wonder who she was calling to make investments.  I have to assume the Government.  Ah yes, there it is...
She argued that subsidies for utilities would help encourage companies to broaden their investments.


  • Fuck that
  • She still stuck on blaming Comey & wikileaks for her loss.
  • and the Russians, don't forget the Russians.
  • And baskets. Wasn't there something about baskets? Baskets full of something?

    Oh yes, Americans. Baskets full of Americans.
  • I drove by that last summer.
  • I watched some of HRC's interview with the CNN chick.

    HRC is perfectly nixonian.  Does anyone like her?  People backed Nixon because they thought he was very smart and had a vision for adeptly handling the big issue of the day, russian communists.  I doubt anyone ever thought of him as fun or personally appealing.
  • Why is she even talking?
  • dgm said:

    Why is she even talking?

    Maybe she thought everyone didn't hate her yet.

    Were I a dem, I would have been owrrying back in January that BHO was going to keep kinda-sorta leading the party and preventing new leadership from rising.  He seems to have gotten much quieter since the news of the bugging of his political opposition.

    The only thing worse than a past exec stifling leadership would be guidance from a geriatric harpy who was the first presidential candidate to lose to a game show host.
  • Zed said:

    and the Russians, don't forget the Russians.

    and on this installment of "You can't make this stuff up" Planned Parenthood's opposition research firm is being accused of colluding with the Russians.
  • "Fusion GPS is the subject of a complaint to the Justice Department,
    which alleges that the company violated the Foreign Agents Registration
    Act by working on behalf of Russian principals to undermine U.S.
    sanctions against Russians. That unregistered work was reportedly
    conducted with a former Russian intelligence operative, Mr. Rinat
    Akhmetshin, and appears to have been occurring simultaneous to Fusion
    GPS’s work overseeing the creation of the dossier. I wrote to the
    Justice Department about this issue on March 31, copying you, and I have
    attached that letter here for your reference. The Justice Department
    has yet to respond."
  • Did you really think he would be content to take his millions of dollars, and taxpayer funded pension, and taxpayer funded lifelong security detail, and just go away and live a private life when there was still attention to be had?
  • ... and still so many people ready and willing to give it.
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