Anyone using gmail or yahoo as their email for an account here?

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Speak now... or kiss your ass goodbye.

ETA: Ok, DOH, JIMP are on Yahoo, and Karl & 'Bird are gmail.


  • Should I brace for impact?
  • Huh? why?
  • Just saw this. Confirming yes to gmail
  • I have a gmail account.

    It's Gmail @ ...
  • I've been looking at the spam filter and I'd say 90%+ of the accounts are using Gmail and Yahoo.
  • Probably because 90% of *everyone's* personal email accounts are Yahoo and Gmail.
  • I'll switch to AOL if need be.
  • Need me to change my email address?  Or, am I good with status quo and new registrations from google and yahoo will not be allowed?
  • Nah, no biggie, all the new accounts are being screened anyway, so its no big deal. There's just a big e-holding cell filling up with accounts that are flagged as spammers everyday.
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