Not that it's really a big deal in any meangful way, but given that this is basically a limited use private clubhouse at this point, maybe it's a good idea to either turn off registration of password protect it so that we can still invite people in "manually" ?


  • ZedZed
    edited March 2017
    I'll poke around the control panel see if I can't find some buttons to push.

    Edit: I've changed registration from "Basic" (allowing anyone to register and post immediately) to "Approval" which requires them to verify email address and get approved by an admin prior to posting.
  • That should do it.
  • Ha, I just checked the applicant queue, 79 accounts that all state the reason they want to join is...

    "{I want to {see new threads|follow the discussion|be part here|see new
    additions|access all parts|contibute|say something|reply to a
    thread|reply to a user|message a user|contact a user|read everything}."

  • Sounds genuine.
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