Boycott PayPal!!

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Oh wait...
In the wake of news that PayPal founder Peter Thiel has donated money to Donald Trump, users organized a protest. The only problem? Thiel doesn't own PayPal anymore.
... and in other news, people are still stupid.


  • How about the Levi's boycott because their CEO doesn't want guns in his stores?
  • Meh, I only buy selvedge denim anyway.
  • Something stinks.
  • Sorry, I'll put them back in the freezer.
  • dgmdgm
    edited December 2016
    Atlanta is way too fucking hot to wear selvedge without washing. No amount of freezer time is going to kill that ballsweat funk
  • This is all a mistake.

    He meant to say that he only wears SALVAGE DENIM, but tapatalk fucked it up.
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