Happy Thanksgiving

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Hope this finds you all well.


  • Back atchya
  • Likewise, thanks to all of you for hanging out at this little corner of the internet.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to us all on NP. We're in the Adirondacks tonight, Connecticut tomorrow then drive back to Pgh Sunday. First roadtrip in the A6 4.2 and as you'd expect, it's a highway queen. 100mph sweet spot. Comfy and all the bells. So glad we got it. No snow to play in, though.

    Got on the NY Northway just north of Albany and swerved to miss a car fucking driving Southbound in the fast lane of the Northbound lanes. Called 911 to report. Cops in hot pursuit. Read after dinner this asshat caused a 3 car pileup and fucked up some people's thanksgiving. Sent some folks to the hospital. Hopefully everyone survived.
  • So the car saved thanksgiving?
  • Our car or asshat's car?
  • Yeah, the responsiveness of the A6 definitely helped us avoid disaster.
  • Happy Thanksgiving from the Utah desert.
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    Glad you & Michael avoided an accident, Laura.

    Happy belated.

    We just got back from Florida. Stayed for the week.
    Ate a bunch of seafood.

    Thanksgiving dinner, compliments of Publix
  • Happy Thanksgiving all, like many we were travelling as well, up to Chicago for the outlaws.  I amused myself by hijacking my sister-in-laws Sonos and playing Adel's Hello every time conversation got weird (often).

    Thanks to SNL for the tip -
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    That's great.

    On the car front, we saw a Ferrari F12 up close while we were in Fla. That car is hawt.

    Maserati's, Chevy C6 & C7's were a dime a dozen, as were all manner of Porsche's.

    New Mustangs were plentiful too.
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