What the hell is the deal with Adobe?

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I swear I am always getting some kind of warning or update notification from those jokers that the software is vulnerable and needs to be updated.


  • Lemme guess, Acrobat?

    Adobe sucks.



  • Acrobat, Flash, and all their other products.   Is it that their products are poorly designed and really that vulnerable, or are they just over communicating their issues?
  • Adobe's software is a fucking joke.
  • And yet they permeate the market. 
  • So does McDonalds
  • ZedZed
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    True, but how can I enjoy browsing the internet w/o Adobe products?  Are there substitute programs that will run flash?  Unless I'm mistaken that seems to impact YouTube greatly.

    PS: McD's is sucking wind an losing market share.  Is Adobe suffering that as well?
  • Fuck flash. It's a piece of shit. Don't need it to watch youtube.
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