Firefox problems

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I'm a regular user of FireFox. Recently it has started to not respond after using it for only a few minutes. Things I've noticed:
- This happens regardless of how many tabs I open
- This happens regardless of what other programs I have running simultaneously.
- I can shut the program down, but it remains running in the background, so I can NOT start another instance of the program.
- If I go to the task manager to end the process, it does not let me. IE: I can select it and hit the "End Process" button, but nothing happens
- I have to reboot the machine to kill it.
- When it locks up, other programs using the internet also cease responding (ie: if I open a Chrome window, it will not go to the sites I direct it to)
- In the task manager it shows that Firefox is using 250,000k plus of memory right off the bat. It usually hovers around 350,000k prior to crashing, but I have also seen to spike to 650,000k of memory.
- I have tried uninstalling and re-installing... no change
- I have tried disabling extensions & add-ons... no change

Any idea on what's going on? FWIW, I am running Win 7 Enterprise x64 bit with 8GB of RAM.


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