Anyone here good with imap accounts?

I've got Office 365 on my Windows 8.1 Desktop.

I also use the OWA app on my iPad and iPhone to access my Outlook e-mail.

I recently switched my e-mail from a server to a server.

Now I can see only the e-mail SINCE the switch on my PC, even though I can still see all the old e-mails on my iPad and iPhone.

I am afraid to do a sync since the machines might decide to synch on what my PC has, thus destroying all my old e-mail; instead of synching up on my Apple products.

Any thoughts?
Other than "Dude, you're screwed" of course...


  • You didn't want to just call me and ask?
  • Let me get this straight...

    You have an O365 Account with a distinct email address AND an IMAP account with Checksite with another distinct email address?

    Are the O365 and Checksite the same address and you need to sync Checksite to O365?  More details, please.

  • Never mind...

    GoDaddy is going to restore my account and then the guy who fucked up and neglected to grab my old e-mails and move them to the new server is going to fix that.

    Then I can turn off the GD account again.
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