Well THAT hasn't happened in a while.

I got banned from a forum today, and not one I expected.

When I bought my bike last year I joined a Harley Davidson forum for the same reason I joined the 'tex when I bought a B3 Passat.

Never hung out there much as the place was packed with people trying their best to live up to the "Wannabe" stereotype.

So this morning I found a lot of subscription confirmations for assorted gay porn websites and lists. I dumped it as spam and thought nothing of it.

Until I tried to log in to see if there were any new posts on a thread I was reading.

I got a message saying


They even IP banned me.

I think it was because of some thread where I said something and some douchebucket with poor reading skills insulted me for saying something I didn't say. THEN, when I asked for clarification, he insulted me AGAIN, only this time he was clear enough that I understood what he was talking about.

So I replied, and I will attempt to quote myself exactly...

Ahh, I see. You have reading comprehension issues.

Never mind, not my problem. Carry on.

Yup, that was it.
For that I got the BIG ban hammer AND gay porn.

Apparently, my skills are undiminished.  :D


  • Wow, what a bunch of pussies.
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    So you insulted a dentist or accountant whose remedy for a meek life and a dull mind is a motorbike?

    Who'd have thought such people would have fragile egos?
  • But he has a tattoo!

    Of course, it IS of a flower, so....
  • And it's a daisy. On his ankle.
  • ZedZed
    edited January 2015
    Wow, that's pretty lame.  Especially that administrators of the site would abuse your private information like that (I'm assuming you had your email address hidden from public view).  I have to wonder if their privacy policy includes allowances for that kind of abuse.

    But congrats on your re-certification.
  • Even if the policy forbade it, try proving it was them.
  • Not even worth the effort.
  • Still, it does show that people who run HD boards know where to find gay porn. Maybe it pops up when shopping for leather chaps.
  • niiiiice.
  • I just wish there was some way to convey to them how much I enjoyed this.

    Of course I already have enough spam, so maybe it's best I don't.
  • Come on, you know how to VPN. Fuck thei IP ban.
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    Yeah, I already proxied in to look at the thread. My comment, the one that banned me, was erased; making them even bigger pussies.
  • Still, it does show that people who run HD boards know where to find gay porn. Maybe it pops up when shopping for leather chaps.
    Maybe what pops up?

  • You still got it, baby.
  • MC Escher said:

    Of course, it IS of a flower, so....

    Every rose has its thorns...
  • I feel like we may be missing something here?
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