Long but Cool Video - LEGO Sculptures


  • The semi truck and the battleship are the most amazing to me. 

    My 10y/o is a lego fanatic and we just finished this one from Christmas... planetary gears, reducing gears, six wheel steering... amazing lessons in the project  - 
  • I don't have enough money to be a Lego fanatic. Have you seen how fucking expensive that shit is?

  • It always has been too... or has it reached another level of stupid expensive?
  • I don't even look.
  • Legos are the perfect toy-analogue for VWs. They were simple decades ago, but now approach impenetrable complexity, and enjoy a chache based on what they used to be. My kids haven't done much with their tub of legos, but that could be just because they are girls.

    I made a car and an airplane with my older girl a few years ago. Each took more than an hour and what she seemed to value more than the product was the process of making it.
  • Its always been about the process, at least for me. I built stuff as a kid, but never kept any of it around for long. It got deconstructed and turned into other things pretty quickly.
  • You know what I miss?

    Lincoln Logs. Before Plastic.
  • You're fucking old, Eric. "Back in my day, we played with dirt and appreciated it."
  • You're telling me you didn't have a sand box?

  • Because I said you were old, I wasn't inferring that I wasn't.  I played with dirt.  Had lincoln logs, etc.

    When I found legos, porn, cars, girls, booze and drugs - I forgot all about those logs.
  • Cool vid. I've stepped on more Lego's than I care to remember.

    <trying to tip toe to the bathroom in the middle of the night..*crunch*... MOTHER%%^$&@#@!!>

    My mother still has my old bucket of Lego's.
    I remember when the little Lego figures first received moveable legs & arms.
  • I also had a sandbox. Is that not a thing anymore?

    Never had lincoln logs though. But so much Lego.
  • Sand box = cat litter box. 
  • We had a dog. Cats kept their distance.
  • Cheap bastards, If you want to buy Legos but can't afford them you can go to the bargain bin of almost any Lego store and get sets for 50% off.  The boxes are beaten up but Lego guarantees that all the pieces are there.  We bought the above Technic for ~$45.  Most other kits are far less.

    BTW, they still make Lincoln Logs and they still make them out of wood.  We don't use our set as much anymore but my boys loved them for a time.
  • MC Escher said:

    You know what I miss?

    Lincoln Logs. Before Plastic.

    Impossible. No one misses Lincoln logs, likely named as they were because the last generation to think that was a good toy was still seeing Lincoln at the theater.

    If you handed a child a bucket of notched sticks he would probably do what I did with them.

    1. build a log cabin.
    2. knock it down, which is the best part of building a log cabin.
    3. get rubberbands off the paper and make an airplane with the green planks.
    4. get more rubber bands and make a sling shot to shoot the short pieces.
    5. abandon any creative process, and like an ape in 2001: a Space Odyssey, realize that the most entertaining use is hitting brothers with the long sticks.

    It's s devolutionary toy.
  • Didn't know about the bargain bin. $45 for a big complex technics set is pretty good. But then again I don't find myself in toy stores, ever.

  • BTW, they still make Lincoln Logs and they still make them out of wood.

    The LOGS.

    Used to be the only things that were plastic were two trusses and a chimney.
  • I'd always build a log cabin and then use a roof plank and a single log as a lever/fulcrum... putting the low end under the wall of the cabin, and then stomp on the high side which rapidly deconstructed the cabin.  Good times.
  • Interesting. I often subjected my lego structures to "destructive physical testing" too.

  • edited January 2015

    I stripped the paint off most of my hotwheels & repainted them with model paint.


    That was a mistake.

  • dgm said:

    Interesting. I often subjected my lego structures to "destructive physical testing" too.


    I destroyed my Tonka Trucks.
  • And then you bought the read deal.
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