Let's go Krogering!

Is this good or bad?  I haven't been in a Krogers in over ten years.  Thank God they're not trying to buy out Publix...

Is Kroger looking to buy Jacksonville-based Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie? Lots of talk, few answers

Industry chatter running hot over potential deal


  • Ugh. I dislike Krogers.
  • When I moved down here I was introduced to the term "Kroger Toes".  That's when little kids have black feet from walking around in the supermarket barefoot.   <gag>
  • That's disgusting.
  • I hate when people don't wear socks to the airport. Shoe scan equals bare feet in mass-central airport. Gross!
  • All that really matters is that YOU wear something. 

    All those other fools can foist their foot fungi on each other.
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