Did you know that you can crack a rib...

...just by laying on it?

I didn't.

Do now.


  • Ouch. That must be a thorn in your side.
  • Some people can. Some people.
  • Woyzeck said:

    Some people can. Some people.

    Yes, but does that make me exceptionally smart or exceptionally stupid?
  • I was thinking it was more a matter of breadth and vintage.

    I don't know how else you could even do such a thing.
  • Are you saying I'm old and fat?

    I would be outraged, but it's time for my nap.
  • I tried calling this morning. "Debbie" has your cell number from 11 years ago. She seems nice.
  • edited January 2015
    Did it have a 440 area code?
  • I sent you a PM.

    I think.
  • Yes, you have.
  • Osteoporosis?  My Mom has it.  Sucks.  
    She's 86.  Goes to Google Earth street view to check for speed bumps before she drives to a place for the first time...
  • I've been informed that I may not have been clear…

    I was actually laying on a concrete floor and when I rotated slightly to get a better angle on the work that I was doing I place the entire weight of my upper body on one rib on my side. That's when it popped.

    Health problems? Yeah, I've got some… High blood pressure, type II diabetes, arthritis…

    Osteoporosis is not one of my problems. Fortunately.
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