Workin Out

Is anyone here on a consistent exercise regime? If so, what are you doing and hows it working for you?


  • I was, until we moved to CO.

    3x per week, 30 minutes of weight training with a trainer. Pure strength training, mix of free weights, and machines.

    I got really fucking strong and lost another 10#, getting back to 170#, which for 5'8" isn't bad.

    I am about to re-engage with a trainer here, and continue something similar. I really enjoy the measurable results of strength training.
  • How much does that run you month?

    I've never used a personal trainer before. I prefer to read up on stuff and then just go it on my own. I've really gotten into bodyweight training, as a matter of fact the only equipment I use is a TRX and a pull up bar.
  • My trainer was $30/half hour. So at 3 sessions per week, 4 weeks/mo, $360/mo on average.

    Small price to pay for good health, IMO.
  • DAMN! That's cool if want to pay that but can I recommend some books to you?
  • Books don't motivate me like a trainer does.
  • I work out three or so times a week, run 4-5 miles one day, do a P90X knock-off video another day and then do a work-out yoga video.  If it's nice out I'll swim a couple of miles.  I'm too cheap for a trainer or a health club.  Some basic weights gets me 90% of what I need.  If I'm not travelling too much I can stay consistent and can keep to a weight that makes me happy.
  • Elliptical machine 1/2 hr three times a week.

    I try to work in some strength training but have been failing of late.

    Does lifting a glass count? 
  • I do a Jane Fonda workout once a week just before I get a touch up of my highlights.
  • I bet you look fabulous in leg warmers.
  • 2.FOH. said:

    I bet you look fabulous in leg warmers.

    I just wear the one.
  • zukiphile said:

    I do a Jane Fonda workout once a week just before I get a touch up of my highlights.

    What are you gettin' high-lit?
  • His ear hair, duh.
  • ZedZed
    edited January 2015
    ouch... I felt that all the way over here.
  • dgm said:

    His ear hair, duh.

    Disgusting. It's my back hair.

    I will be "Backnificent".
  • I've really gotten into the "bodyweight culture" with a couple of books, Convict Conditioning, Project Kratos and Bodyweight Bodybuilding by Zach Even Esh. So far it's working.
  • The only equipment I use is a Trx and a pull up bar.
  • I'm around 5-6x per week to work off all the Scotch and wine.  

    I work with a trainer every other Tuesday morning.  Overall though a typical morning is 30 or so minute of weights, alternating groups on a three day rotation followed by 35 min of cardio.  Two days a week the cardio is replaced by peak 8s - they hurt but are great for you.

    The rest of my fitness plan involves eating too much, drinking too much and looking down on the poor.  
  • You guys are making me hungry...

  • Oppressing the masses really does work up an appetite, doesn't it? Those jackboots are surprisingly heavy!
  • I walk from my bed to my car in the morning.
    Then from my car to my desk at work.
    Back to my car at the end of the day.
    Then from my car to my desk at home.
    Eventually, I'll get up and walk to my bed.

    It's exhausting, but really quite rewarding.  I highly recommend it.
  • Incidentally, I spent at least an hour trying to get rid of the &*(&$#*($& "Body is Required" error in IE before finally trying a different browser.
  • no crossfitters?
  • You'd already know if we had crossfitters in here.
  • The first thing you learn about someone who is a crossfitter, is that they're a crossfitter.

    They're like vegans, but with muscle tone.
  • As for my "eating too much" claim.  I've recently begun getting meals from Project Lean Nation.  

    I'm at the point toward my goals where exercise alone won't get me where I feel I need to be.  A trainer I've worked with at my club recommended it; so far so good.  The meals are actually good - small but good.  
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