Notice: Private (and not so private) Messages

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Now that we're likely going to ditch this software... lol.

There are several ways for users to communicate with each other aside from in threads. 

The first and most familiar way is to us the "Private" Message system.If you go to a user's profile page, in the left side column there is a link to "Send user a message". Clicking this link will go to a new page where you will have the recipients name (you can add more if you want to contact several people simultaneously) and a message field.   When you receive one of these messages, you will receive a notification count on the "Inbox" icon at the top of the page.  These messages are viewable by you and the recipients.

The second way is similar to what you would do on Facebook. When you go to a users profile page, there is a "wall" where you can post a message.  You do not receive any visible notification of these messages, it relies on you either viewing your wall, or checking your activity log.  Anyone that visits the profile page can read that message.

I was just skimming mine, and saw I had a message from Bart... in Nov. 2011. Never saw it. Sorry Bart.


  • Hey, no Problem, Zed!

    I've use the PM function here several times, and each time it's taken me at least 30 min to figure how the hell to do it.

    The older I get, and the more experience I accumulate, the more confused I get.

    A couple of stiff drinks later, pffffft, who gives a shit?  

    (does not raise his hand...)
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