That zukiphile...

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He's so old his social security number is 32.


  • his limes aren't firm enough.
  • Wasps tell each other to leave him alone.  He is more afraid of you than you are of him.


    It's a lie.

  • jennifer said:

    his limes aren't firm enough.

    Just give me a minute.
  • A minute?

    I didn't think those pills worked like that.


    In any event:

    The sheen from his baldness was such that Zed had to buy a 2nd pair of these:





  • Israel called him for a cost saving plan analysis.
  • Jenn's on fire today.
  • I know, what the hell! why can't this happen everyday? must be stress.

  • jennifer said:

    I know, what the hell! why can't this happen everyday? must be stress.

    Don't worry, it happens to a lot of women.
  • Zukiphile is the worst kind of conservative... he lies about his views then uses the meanings of words to prove his points.  He also totally doesn't understand other people's true meanings of the words they don't use.

  • It's their OPINION. See?
  • jennifer said:

    I know, what the hell! why can't this happen everyday? must be stress.

    Jen, I love you! You rule!

  • Didn't have the sense to get the hell out of Cleveland 20 years ago. Every time I go back it is so sad to see the decay. Friends who live there are like frogs in the slowly warming water...
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    I hear this zukiphile fellow is a ghetto dwelling, functionally retarded, blindly partisan, fox talking point spewing. bigot, homophobe, troll who isn't smart enough to understand the nuanced arguments of the brain trust of Cock, Trip and Tool. Worst of all he may be a Republican!!!! He has yet to realize that smug condescension is the way the real world displays intelligence and correctness. There is no way that someone with his low I.Q. could possibly understand anything as complicated as the ACA or the SCOTUS decision relating to it or the second amendment or any law for that matter. He should just secede with the rest or the racist conservatives so good, honest and decent liberals can bomb them back into the stoneage they still live in.


    Does that cover most of it?

  • You misspelt Rethuglican
  • A thousand pardons. I'm actually more embarrassed I forgot that he is the loudest mouth of a belligerent minority and his failure to recognize the presidential election as a mandate for the ACA as further proof of how out of touch he is.

    I'm sure there is more but keeping up with the insult du jour is tough.

  • I believe you did forget that his idea of negotiation means taking the American people hostage and holding a loaded gun to their collectivist, er... I mean collective heads.
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    I was served gin by accident so I [Lazlo is an idiot] threw limes at the server.
  • I was served gin by accident so I THREW limes at the server.

    Grammaktik Macht Frei!
  • That is what happens when I get distracted by people talking to me as I type on NPB.  Motherfuck.
  • He's a friggin' lawyer. I mean seriously - you can't get any worse than that.
  • Well, he COULD be a Joosian.
  • Zukiphile has a magic brain that still operates even though it was amputated.

    I'm so bored with him I'm going to continue to refresh my screen all day long just to make sure I let him know how bored I am with him.

  • It's the only way to be sure.
  • So Zuk requires a sub-forum, eh?
  • So Zuk requires a sub-forum, eh?

    Only for seersucker members.
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    Nakona complains about Zuk

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