How has the Obama admin and its acts done to mess with your view on the world and our government?

Clinton's came close.  I saw crap oozing out of the White House but it seemed to stop there.  

Lets see...  My first political memory was RFK assassination.  I didn't know what was going on other than my parents saying "SHHHH!" When the TV was on.  

LBJ:  First time I heard my Dad say "Asshole!"

Watergate.  Looking back I think I messed with my folks a bit.  "If President Nixon is bad does that mean that President Washington and Lincoln were bad too?" "Did you vote for President Nixon?"

I don't remember much about Carter going into office.  The Iranian Hostage incident kicked me in the ass, making me take notice of what was going on.  At the Dem Primary I thought that Teddy Kennedy would make things better.  Then Carter said he would "kick his ass."  

At that point my Dad decided I had to learn a few things.  When I came home from school saying that everyone should vote for Carter because Reagan was "trigger happy" -leading us into WWIII.  My Dad, well, he had a conniption.  The weekend:  Saturday he read my textbooks then Sunday he sat me down and said "I never thought I would have to tell you that your teachers are full of shit."

Over 30 years ago.

That is how I started out.  9/11 had me going from a peace mode to war mode where the government had to do things.  Then I figured out that while I liked Bush the next Carter in office could use what Bush did to make things worse...

How did you come to where you are now?

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