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  • I was intrigued by the Squatty Potty... so, how is it?
  • It’s nice when the floor is cold.
  • That should be one of their selling points. I guess that means no increase of pooping efficiency.
  • I don't know how to classify this sort of post, but I think this is the correct place. I hadn't heard this song until about a half hour ago. Comments are funny.

  • Please tell me you meant to say you hadn't heard this VERSION of this song. It's been out for over 15 years and is played at almost every sporting even across the globe. I don't even watch sports but I know about the sports thing. Good version though :)
  • At the risk of injury to my image as an ultra-cool authority on music of every type, no, I had never heard this song before.

    I don't watch sportsball of any kind. I heard little 20th century music before I got to college, and I don't really retain new music when I hear it. Spectator sports, music and thinking that a girl should have a big ass are components of my personality I never developed.

    I can fake the kind of sports conversations men have while waiting for the judge.

    "You know it!"

    "Hard to believe, isn't it?"

    "We all knew it would happen."

    The imperceptibility of the difference between simulated conversation and the real thing amuses me.
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    The commentary has some good ones.

    I was 6 years old, playing at the bottom of the stairs at my house, when I saw my morbidly obese aunt slouch to the top of the stairs and step on my Thomas the Tank Engine. Her fat ass flew into the air, bounced off the bannister and instead of rolling down the stairs, actually crashed THROUGH the staircase and dropped into the cupboard below it, hospitalising her for 6 weeks. That was the most brutal drop I had ever experienced... Until I watched this video."

    "Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The last thing that dropped this hard,
    Ended world war II."

    "I showed this to my homework
    It ate my dog."
  • Matt - Were you the kid from the movie "Room"?
  • These are truly strange days.
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    In a manner of speaking.

    So, when are we going to see the team back out there?
  • How about dem Packers?
    Yeah well, da Bears still suck.
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    Eh, whutur ya gonna do?
  • "You know it!"

    "Hard to believe, isn't it?"

    "We all knew it would happen."

    ^^^Kind of reflects my sex talk.

  • "This is what a modern-day hero looks like. Dude leaves cop in the dust who tried to apprehend him for openly flouting Coronavirus restrictions."
  • I had the 6 Million Dollar Man theme in my head while watching that.
  • I stole it for the covid thread.
  • Some good 'ol slapstick.

  • Using the child as a weapon.

  • The dog!
  • Yeah, the cameraman got eaten by that pupper.
  • Continuing in the theme of craziness:

  • & they worked some Metallica into it.
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