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I stumbled across a Facebook site chock full of it.

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  • Liberal New York City to pay tribute to zombies.


    Medical Examiner keeps thousands of brains for 'tests' families call

    Last Updated: 12:56 PM, October 28, 2012

    Posted: 10:30 PM, October 27, 2012

    It’s the great brain robbery.

    The city Medical Examiner’s Office has kept the brains of more than 9,200
    deceased New Yorkers — from the elderly to newborns — in the past eight years,
    records obtained by The Post show.

    The stunning revelation comes as three families publicly question whether the
    city is yanking brains so rookie pathologists can “practice,” for scientists’
    experiments, or for no good reason at all.

    “Vasean’s organs were removed for ‘testing’ without any investigative or
    medical necessity,” charges a suit by the family of Vasean Alleyne, an
    11-year-old Queens boy killed by a drunken driver. Months after his burial, his
    mom was shocked to read in the autopsy report that her son’s brain and spinal
    cord had been taken.

    Brooklyn mom Cindy Bradshaw was stunned to learn she had buried her stillborn
    son, Gianni, without his brain. The ME kept it — though an autopsy found his
    death was caused by an abnormality in her umbilical cord and placenta.

    “Do they really want to know what happened to the person, or are they just
    experimenting?” Bradshaw asked.

    “The death had nothing to do with the brain,” said her lawyer, Daniel
    Flanzig. “It’s unconscionable — and unlawful — for the Medical Examiner not to
    return it to the family for a complete burial.”

    Others suspect organs are used as a training tool.

    “I think they collect brains to allow a new neuropathologist to practice on
    various body parts,” said Anthony Galante, a lawyer for the family of Jesse
    Shipley, 17, who was killed in a car crash in 2005. Friends gawked at his brain
    in a labeled jar on a class trip to the Staten Island morgue — two months after
    his funeral.

    “When it comes to investigating deaths, the law gives the Medical Examiner’s
    Office broad authority, including the retention of tissue at autopsy for further
    testing,” said a city Law Department spokeswoman, declining further comment. The
    ME also declined to comment.

    In November 2010, a judge ruled the city must notify families of seized
    organs. The ME began giving kin a form with three options: wait to claim the
    body pending “further testing” of organs; collect the organs later; or just let
    the city dispose of the organs.

    The disposal method is not mentioned. But an internal ME document spells it
    out: “Medical waste is incinerated. Please do not tell NOK
    (next-of-kin) that unclaimed organs are ‘cremated. . .’ ”

    Under The Post’s Freedom of Information Law request, the ME gave a list of
    9,200 brains and 45 spinal cords removed between Nov. 1, 2004, and July 1, 2012.
    Some 7,700 brains were taken before the notifications began.

    The ages of the decedents range from 99 to fetuses.

    Brains harden in formaldehyde several weeks before they can be “cut” by

    In Staten Island, ME staff delayed tests for “months” until a half-dozen
    brains were ready — to make a pathologist’s trip from Manhattan “worth his
    while,” according to testimony in the Shipley case.

    But Jesse’s death was no mystery: “He was killed in an auto accident. His
    skull had multiple fractures,” lawyer Galante said.

    Two days after Bradshaw’s son was stillborn, April 28, an ME pathologist told
    her, “The autopsy was complete and I could pick him up any time,” she said. The
    cause of death was a pregnancy complication, the autopsy confirmed. "He was a
    healthy baby."

    But the ME called back hours after the May 4 funeral.

    “I forgot to tell you, the brain is still here,” the pathologist said.

    The only explanation given Bradshaw, she said: “It’s routine.”




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