Test, please respond.

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I'm testing something with the notification system.  Please respond to this thread with something.


  • I have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

  • Show me your tits.
  • I like your style.
  • ZedZed
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    Here is a screen capture showing the notification.

    I just enabled notifications (they weren't before), saved preferences, logged out, logged in again. Keep responding!
  • Ah yes... I see now. Thanks for your help. Mighty Caucasian of you.
  • So does anyone else get those little 'flags' up by their username?
  • Zed said:

    So does anyone else get those little 'flags' up by their username?


    Flags?  We used to DREAM of having "flags" by our usernames! 

    But you know we were happy.
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    Excerpt from "Bound in Moonlight" by Louisa Burton:
    [quote]"Just one," she'd said, "but it will cost you a halfpenny."

    He'd scratched his prickly boulder of a jaw.  "Only if I get to feel them diddies, too."

    She'd clenched her teeth against the urge to weep and scream. "Over my clothes, not under. You've a minute to be done with it."

    "Miss Keating?"

    She looked toward Sir Charles, regarding her expectantly, his quill poised over the inkwell.

    "Fellatio?" he said.

    She frowned in bewilderment.

    "Oral copulation.  Are you willing to perform it?"

    "Oral? Do you mean kissing?"

    Sir Charles withdrew from a drawer a leather folio, which he untied and opened, revealing a stack of pictures.  He sorted through them, chose one, and handed it across the desk to Caroline.

    was a tinted engraving executed in loose, jaunty penstrokes of a man,
    fully clothed, and two plump, naked women. The man lay on a bed with his
    feet on the floor and his breeches wide open, kneading the breasts of a
    woman who was squatting on his face. The other woman knelt between his
    outspread legs, sucking on his erect organ as she fondled both him and

    Caroline stared in unblinking shock.

    Rexton gave me to believe that you were a lady of some experience in
    these matters," said Sir Charles. "When he recruited you yesterday, did
    you not tell him that you'd been ruined through a liaison with a

    Finding her voice, she said, "It was a very brief liaison."

    "How brief?"

    "One night."

    "How long ago?"

    "Somewhat over two years."

    Frowning, he dipped his quill and noted this information.

    Thousands of pounds.

    "My...my experience is limited," she said, sitting forward, "but I assure you, Sir Charles, I will not balk at—"

    "Yes or no on performing fellatio, Miss Keating?"

    She swallowed hard as she returned the picture to the barrister. "Yes."

    "Are you willing to have relations in the Greek manner?"

    "I'm sorry, sir. I do not know what that is."

    With an expression of weary forbearance, Sir Charles chose another engraving from the stack and handed it to her.

    man and a woman, both naked, were coupling on an elaborately draped
    bed, she with her bottom raised high, he taking her from behind.
    Caroline had to study the picture for a moment before she realized that
    he was penetrating her in an aperture other than that intended by

    "Oh," she said quietly.

    Sir Charles regarded her expectantly over his spectacles.

    "Is it painful?" she asked.

    "That depends largely on whether the gentleman wishes it to be so. Yes or no?"

    She handed the picture back, nodding listlessly.

    "Are you willing to suffer such physical punishments as spanking, birching, and caning?"

    She hesitated, wondering with a surge of dread what punishment had to do with copulation.

    produced another engraving, this one depicting a terrified-looking
    young woman lying facedown astride a narrow bench, her petticoats canted
    up to reveal a bare posterior ribboned with welts. To the side of her
    stood a dapper, maliciously grinning gentleman stroking his exposed
    penis with one hand as he raised a length of bamboo with the other.

    Caroline's stomach clenched as she fought the urge to bolt up out of this chair and flee the room.

    "Well?" prompted Sir Charles.

    thrust the picture back at him, bombarded by the memory of all those
    beatings her father had dealt to her and her brothers, hundreds of them
    over the years, for infractions as trivial as forgetting a line of a
    psalm.  Hanging in the little
    schoolroom on the third floor of the castle-like rectory in which she'd
    been reared were a broad leather strap, a birch cane, and a perforated
    wooden paddle, all well worn. She couldn't remember a time when she
    wasn't mottled with bruises from his sudden, impulsive batterings,
    mostly on her back, sometimes her chest or legs—but never on the face or
    arms, where they might have been visible to the Reverend Mr. Keating's
    parishioners.  He was cruel and
    pitiless and probably half-mad—from the French disease, her brothers
    whispered, acquired during his reckless youth—but he was far from
    stupid.  Caroline had promised
    herself, when Aubrey rescued her from the dismal gaol that was her
    family home, that no man would ever strike her again.

    "Miss Keating?  Yes or no?"

    The air left her lungs on a whispered, "Yes."

    "I beg your—"

    "Yes," she said, feeling perilously close to tears. "Yes.  Yes. Yes to all of it."

  • Am I the only one who scrolled right past all that shit?
  • The notifications are still occurring even though I have none selected.

    Well, we've come full circle again... this software is crap.
  • Something
  • I want to see 2's bunch of coconuts...but I don't have a flag by my name :-(
  • Notifications?

    We don' need no steenkin' notifications...
  • Zed said:

    The notifications are still occurring even though I have none selected.

    Well, we've come full circle again... this software is crap.

    When, exactly, was it not crap?
  • True.  At least it is consistent crap.
  • 4nonymous said:

    Zed said:

    The notifications are still occurring even though I have none selected.

    Well, we've come full circle again... this software is crap.

    When, exactly, was it not crap?
    Zed just needs to explain it to us more and be inspiring. You know, make us feel better about the current forum software situation.
  • Yeah. The important thing is not that it's crap, but that we feel the crap is better than the previous crap.
  • My balls itch.
  • Veritas said:

    My balls itch.

    You say that like it's OUR problem.
  • Its not Zed's fault if we haven't paid sufficient attention to his inspiring explanations.  Let's be perfectly clear: He inherited this mess.
  • Damn straight!
  • Jezebel said:

    I want to see 2's bunch of coconuts...

    They are real, & they are spectacular....
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA.  OMG that's funny, Mark
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