He picked Joe Biden as Vice President. Just to prove he doesn't need one. He is...

The most arrogant man in the world.

I don't always drink Kool-Aid.  But when I do...


  • That


  • How much could the RNC raise online with that link, with the promise that the funds raised would go to putting that ad on national TV?
  • Slap said:

    How much could the RNC raise online with that link, with the promise that the funds raised would go to putting that ad on national TV?

    All of it.

    He has lied to people he hasn't even met yet.

    Arnold Palmer's ghost doesn't have that much time for golf.

    His resume is so thin, models hate it.

    It's the birth of a sub-genre.
  • "Well...you know...uhh...I think ... what's important if you're..running for president...is that the American people know who you are, what you've done...aa...and that you're an open book."  

    ~The man who refused to disclose basic information about himself including educational background, whose personal narrative is more malleable than a factory full of surplus Stretch Armstrong dolls and who recently claimed to have been outspent in two races in which public record shows clearly he obliterated the opponents in funds raised and spent.  

    He is....the most hilariously self-unaware man in the world.  
  • Both halves of his tongue are forked.
  • This just in. The most interesting presidenter in the world inspired hybrids through his administration before he won office in a stunning underfunded underdog election:

    Despite the fact that the RX 400h premiered in 2004, Obama administration Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood expressed a different vision of history when he and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson were discussing vehicle fuel standards at the Aspen Ideas Festival on July 3.

    “I don’t think the car manufacturers would be manufacturing the cars they are manufacturing today as hybrids, if it weren’t for what the president did in signing the executive order and what Lisa and I have done over the last three and half years about developing C.A.F.E. (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards for automobiles and light trucks that will get 54.4 miles per gallon by 2025."

    “I think we jump started the ability," said LaHood. "When you see now a Lexus hybrid, no one would have ever predicted that 2 years ago. Every car manufacturer is getting into hybrid. I think we jump started those opportunities."

    It was widely reported that pre-orders for the Lexus RX 400h SUV were high, and the vehicle was widely available for sale in 2005. The company made it's first hybrid sedan, the GS 450h, available in 2006.
  • "Doc LaHood, you made a time machine....out of a Lexus!?"

    -Marty McBama
  • I guess he is hoping all of our cars have a "blind spot" when looking back.
  • Where he's going... We don't need facts.
  • Too many?
  • He inspires hope in people who haven't heard of him yet.


    His eloquence supplanted the gold standard.


    so...the RX 400h is a train?

  • A monorail actually.
  • Legend has it the Virgin Mary saw an image of him in her toast.
  • OMG, that shit is so funny
  • Che Fuevarra came back from the dead just to wear an iconic Obama tee shirt.
  • Guevarra. Fuck you, iPhone.
  • Guevarra. Fuck you, iPhone.

    His cool confidence inspired Al Gore to invent the internet.
  • When they put him on Mount Rushmore, and they will, no one will look at the other presidents again.
  • His Presidential library will be housed in The Vatican.
  • The Pope says he is infallible.

  • His quotes are always printed in red.

    Steve Jobs once stood in line to see him.

    HBO considered changing their name to BHO.
  • Scientists believe his "cool factor" will save us from global warming.

    Whenever he goes the beach, the water parts in front of him.

  • He taught Constitutional law, to the Supreme Court, during his State of the Union.
  • The Higgs Boson was discovered within the weight of his words.
  • This is just too funny.
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