Perhaps I'm a product of my childhood...

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but am I messed up for wanting to snag this sign?



  • That's fucking awesome. I want that in my office like you wouldn't believe!!!!!
  • Awesome for an office, but I could see some nipplehead getting offended
  • Is that not an acceptable sign for an office door?

    (looks for a printable version on google image search)
  • I can't see Youtube on this connection... is that the Black Knight scene from the Holy Grail?
  • I can think of a few segments from Spartacus (both seasons) that should seriously have that sign photoshopped onto the sides of the arenas.
  • I know I am a product of my adolescence because:

    I just met with a gentleman called Dick Weed and it took every ounce of self-control I had not to laugh each Tim I looked at that name on a resume.
  • No freakin way, that's ridiculous!

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