Abd El-Kader

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Stories like this pull me away from the broader strokes of my poor opinion of Islam.
Article said:

“I was told Abd el-Kader was the Algerian George Washington, the father of modern Algeria…Abd el-Kader was the first Arab to create a semblance of tribal unity in order to combat the French occupation. But in defeat, I noted a resemblance to Robert E. Lee. He was gracious, magnanimous, respected by his enemies, and deeply religious.”

For 15 years, Abd el-Kader led his people in resistance against the French. He led his soldiers by example, staying in the saddle day and night, stopping only to pray, sometimes covering as much as 150 miles in a day to engage the enemy in battle. The French were astonished, and then impressed, at the military prowess of their young enemy.
Connected as he was to the elites of Damascus, Abd el-Kader had heard rumors that certain elements of Damascene society were planning to take advantage of the violence in nearby Lebanon to launch an attack on the local Christians.
The French immediately bestowed upon Abd el-Kader, who barely a decade before had been their greatest enemy, the French Legion of Honor. (This would be like America, in 1987, awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Ho Chi Minh.) Russia, Spain, Prussia, Great Britain, and the Pope all awarded various distinctions on Abd el-Kader. And from the United States came a gift of a pair of finely wrought colt pistols – one source claims they were made of gold – delivered in a maple box which bore the inscription: “From the President of the United States, to his Excellency, Lord Abdelkader, 1860.”


Hat tip to http://kottke.org/10/08/abd-el-kader


  • I think that we can find exemplary examples of humanity in almost every worldview or walk of life. It is not ad hominem that we battle with Islam, but against the principles they espouse. It becomes a fight against the man when the man becomes destructive of others based on his principles.
  • Islam is a religion of peace. Many who understand it well convert into it. I am a Muslim and I love ALLAH :)
  • said:

    Islam is a religion of peace. Many who understand it well convert into it. I am a Muslim and I love ALLAH :)

    If Islamic law forbids the eating of pork, shouldn't it be against your religion to spam?
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