Would Larry David Urinate on the Koran?

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Sorry for the cutandpasta, but this is red meat...

[quote:3zta0bqo]Would Larry David Urinate on the Koran? – by Jamie Glazov

http://newsrealblog.com/2009/10/29/woul ... ie-glazov/[/quote:3zta0bqo]


  • Reminds me of [b:jfiooiwg]Blasphemy Day.[/b:jfiooiwg] On the surface, it looks like a day for atheists to spit in the Christian God's face (how strange if He doesn't exist!), but their carefully worded mission statement is to promote free religious speech. But again, how strange when this is one of the big ideas about America! By their statement, Blasphemy Day is better practiced in Islamic countries, but I haven't read any news of [i:jfiooiwg]that[/i:jfiooiwg] happening. So...is it effectively railing against the non-existent Christian God while purporting to be a stand against a non-existent American threat?
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