Why celebs and Hollywood types defend who they defend

edited October 2009 in Religion & Philosophy
I keep asking myself why the hell would so many celebrities and Hollywood types continue to defend Roman Polanski and to lesser degree David Letterman in their crimes and sex scandals.

I think it may be rooted in a similar set of circumstances and causes that allow celebrities to bloviate moronically with no compunction – proudly as if their every ignorant misinformed utterance is a pearl of wisdom cast before we the unwashed clamoring swine.

They do this unabashedly because they are so ensconced in the cocoon of self-absorption and ego of “Hollywood” that they simply are seldom exposed to contradiction – especially to the facts behind any contradiction. Powerful celebrities travel in a hive of sycophants all looking for their little suckle of the power teat. In an industry that is impossibly competitive to break into (or at least requires that you know the right people) and is so lucrative, who wants to rock the boat? Who on Rosie’s staff, or on a powerful director or producer’s staff or “court” is going to say “you know Harvey, I disagree; I think the average person probably has a pretty strong moral compass”. So – at once you have the power brokers feeling they must be brilliant since nobody ever seems to point out when they’re wrong. When it does happen this allows them to think to themselves “peasant – obviously I know better.” (or some similar such justification and dismissal)
When you work in an industry teeming with insecure people who make lots of money and know on some level that luck (yes some talent and tenacity) has gotten them there and can be replaced easily, of course they are going to feel a bit leery of angering the wrong people. Also, if you know in your past you’ve spent time working the casting couch you have to be careful. While few of them seem to have a problem criticizing others even for things they themselves do – if they advance the idea that “artists” are somehow exempt from such bourgeois societal conventions –and vociferously defend those anointed as such – they can expect similar treatment if their deviant behavior is to somehow come forward. Maybe you feel that you’re smart enough to get away with it, but scandals like Letterman remind you that when you’re that big, somebody always wants a piece of what you have and will stoop to equally low tactics to get “their piece”.

If you’re making millions a year knowing for the most part you are replaceable and that movies and TV will still go on, of course you may feel funny about that fortune and want to be seen as an egalitarian, a progressive who is “compassionate”. You want to be seen as very generous – even it if is with taxpayer dollars. You’ll want to point out how giving, compassionate and empathetic Hollywood is. You came into this industry as a partially empty shell – probably an advantage when your living is made portraying others (as we called it in my childhood, pretending or playing make-believe). But this also makes you easily manipulated by the prevailing opinions and views in which you are now immersed.

I guess when you feel disposable/replaceable and work in an industry that many “sell their souls” or are competing to do so to gain admittance to, make more money than you feel you truly deserve and are continually heaped with admiration and adulation you may feel those nasty tinges of guilt and insecurity.

Just some thoughts.
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