State of the SBC -- and ramifications for Christan mission

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Dr. R. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave an address concerning the state of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention -- America's largest Protestant (Evangelical) Denomination) yesterday. The video resource is linked above.

Many interesting points raised...


  • Here are the questions distilled from the speech above. All are in the context of the entire SBC, not individual efforts:

    --Will we be missiological or bureaucratic?
    --Is our identity theological or tribal?
    --Is the basis of our work together convictional or confused?
    --Is our logic going to be more sectarian or more secular?
    --Will we become younger or dead?
    --Will we be more diverse or more diminished?
    --Will we be more missional or more methodological?
    --Will we be more strategic or more anemic?
    --Will we be more bold or more boring?
    --Will we be happy or bitter?
    --Are we willing to risk keeping the structural and institutional issues open as we stand on our convictional and theological foundation?
  • So,

    SBC =/= small block chevy?
  • said:


    SBC =/= small block chevy?[/quote:t27gbj0a]


  • Is it wrong that I sometimes daydream of the vehicles I wish to place a SBC in?
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