Is there a way to move user names to the left?

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Right now when I view the forums I see the user name/info of the poster on the right side. Is there some way to place this on the left? I looked in the control panel and could not find it.


  • That's all in the templates, I'm looking for an easy way to do it, but I might just edit them myself if I can't find a better way.
  • This is much better, now just need to fix the online banner thingy.
  • I think I fixed the "online" banners, do they look like this for anyone else? This is FireFox 3 on Ubuntu...

  • My top looks like this:

    My bottom looks like this:

    Firefox 5 on Vista 32B

    IE7 also looks the same.

    Opera 9.6 also looks the same.
  • Found something!

    The images I posted are being cut on the right side.
    Should look like this:

    Looks like this:
  • There are some settings for image cropping/resizing, I'll check it out.
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